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Excite and engage online shoppers with an immersive digital experience.

CLIK-NVision is a cloud-based service that seamlessly embeds 3D visualization and multi-vendor product configurations into existing websites. It empowers customer creativity and increase web traffic, resulting in an increase in sales.

CLIK NVision enables online shoppers to interact with a 3D display while customizing products.  Products from one or multiple vendors can be assembled, checked for compatibility, displayed together in 3D, and added to a shopping cart. CLIK-NVision intelligently displays only compatible products and let users place them at different locations while autonomously checking for interference with other objects.


CLIK-NVision is built for all stakeholders. E-tailers and manufacturers use it to maintain 3D product data and rules, while online shoppers use it to try various designs before buying their products.

CLIK-NVision Modules


CLIK-Charts is a simple-to-use online tool for visual data entry. No download is required! CLIK-Charts enables manufacturers to publish data for availability and digital 3D assembly.  Independent suppliers and manufacturers can publish their own data in an universal format that guarantees automated product configuration and assembly.


Parts database repository

Compatibility rules management

3D Mounting information for assembly


CLIK-Store is a turnkey solution for embedding 3D visualizations into existing online stores and websites. Clients only need to add a few lines of HTML code. CLIK-Store brings all the benefits of customization and 3D assembly to online retailers without of the need to re-entering any data.


3D visualization of any product  in the seller’s catalog

Product selector for choosing compatible parts

Assembly of multiple products in the correct layout

Interactive zooming, rotation, and translation

Product placement in a realistic 3D landscape

Integration with online shopping carts