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Our products help manufacturers and retailers offer what customers want through the power of automation, visualization, and optimization.

Certusoft software products help guide consumers during the customization process and relieve engineering from repetitive manual tasks. Grounded in CLIK-Technologies®, Certusoft software solutions automate the entire customization process, from sales to the bill of materials. They autonomously find the optimal solution among countless outcomes without any engineering intervention. Equipped with interactive 3D visualization, users easily create a digital 3D “blueprint” of their project for engineering verification and product sales. Certusoft CLIK-Assembly and CLIK-Designer make it easy to automate and optimize customization processes with real-time 3D visualization of layouts and parametric data modeling. CLIK-NVision services provide practically unlimited customization and visualizations capabilities for products offered to the consumer market.

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CLIK-Assembly is a cloud-based service for the real-time visualization of 3D design layouts and assemblies that are being simultaneously evaluated and optimized on the cloud.

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CLIK-Designer is a complete environment for engineers and data modelers to create and share results. It increases the efficiency of product customization and eliminates data explosion.

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CLIK-NVision is a cloud-based service that seamlessly combines 3D visualization with product configuration.  Different parties, from manufacturers to online retailers can use CLIK-NVision to empower customer creativity, increase web traffic, improve conversions, and build brand recognition.